About BEA

BEA, Inc. [BEA Americas] is part of BEA Worldwide, headquartered in Liege, Belgium since 1965.  BEA is comprised of three operations in Pittsburgh, PA, Liege, Belgium and Bejing, China.  BEA Americas is fully responsible for operations in Canada, United States, Central America and South America.  BEA’s Pittsburgh home is in the Regional Industrial Development Corporation Park, shared by many of the world’s most recognized technology companies.

beabuilding4BEA Americas has a 40,000 square foot, manufacturing facility staffed with a highly skilled product managers, designers, engineers, technicians, manufacturers and support personnel.  Finally, BEA Americas supports all of our products, distribution channels and end users with a full sales team, customer service and customer engineers, coupled with a fully-equipped and accredited Sensor Integration School that offers advanced training and AAADM certification for automatic door technicians.

BEA Worldwide is both a trailblazer and one of the leaders in Doppler radar, infrared and laser “time of flight” applied technologies, all of which can be found in activation sensors, automation systems and counting solutions.  BEA products are used by most of the leading door manufacturers, within many of the Americas leading retailers and a wide range of other automatic door installations.  BEA leads the world in making automatic doors convenient, safe, secure and reliable.

With more than 50 years of experience, BEA Americas is also successful in the development of Industrial doors, gates, and warehouse safety systems. We also focus on rail/bus transportation activation, automation and safety systems.  These are some of the high-growth areas for BEA Americas.

BEA Americas has additional products and solutions.  Our security items include magnetic locks; electric strikes; keypads; security switches, buttons and activators; vehicle detection devices, and custom safety sensors.  BEA is always interested and responsive to companies who are seeking high quality, low-cost solutions for complete sensory integration.