BEA’s Sensor Integration School

Sensor Integration School

In 2014, BEA opened the doors to its Sensor Integration School.  Also known as BEA University, the school offers a diverse range of training exercises on a variety of automatic pedestrian and industrial doors.  Students attending BEA University will travel to our Pittsburgh office for a two-day, hands-on training course taught by BEA’s highly skilled technical team.  BEA has partnered with key door manufacturers throughout the industry and training takes place on actual doors in “real-world scenarios.”  

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Sensor Integration School Topics and Areas of Focus:

  • Sensor Installation 101
  • Door Operator Review
  • Common Troubleshooting
  • Pairing sensors with door controls and logic modules 
  • Group and One-on-One Training
  • Meeting ANSI Requirements


Sensor Integration Schedule:



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