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Lockout Module
10LO21, 10LO21B, 10LO21K, 10LO21P, 10LO21U


BEA’s LO21 is a lockout module designed for swing door applications utilizing BEA's Bodyguard. The LO21 interprets door open or door closed positions based on motor voltage input. The motor voltage information is sent from the LO21 to the Bodyguard via data lines.

The LO21 provides optional safety beam input to override the inhibit signal during closing. When the safety beam path is blocked or interrupted during closing, the inhibit data will be cancelled, thus initiating a safety signal to the door control safety input.

Available models include:
  • LO21B - Lockout Module for BESAM CUP MP
  • LO21K - Lockout Module for KM 3800 Controls
  • LO21P - Lockout Module for BEA Parallax Packages
  • LO21U - Universal Lockout Module
Product compatibility
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