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BEA Exhibiting At NRF Expo

BEA, Inc. will be exhibiting during the NRF Expo 2018 in NYC.
Booth #842, Level 1

Visit Booth #842, Level 1

Located on Level 1, stop by BEA’s booth and demo our People Counting Solutions. For the last 50 years, BEA has been the industry leader for activation and safety sensors for automatic doors. We’ve taken our expertise off the door and applied it to state-of-the-art people counting solution, designed specifically for integrators.



People Counting and Retail Solutions from BEA

BEA’s LZR-Sigma is a LASER-based people counting sensor that precisely and anonymously identifies adults and children. The indoor/outdoor sensor maintains its accuracy in any environment, regardless of weather or time of day. Designed with ease-of-use in mind, the Sigma pairs seamlessly with BEA’s Sensorio network and gives integrators the ability to effectively, and instantly, manage sensors and collect data. BEA Sigma gives you better data to create better customers.




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Join BEA, in NYC, and network among the many events to be held at NRF Expo 2018. We can’t wait to learn how BEA can help you!






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