900 MHz Wireless Family

Long range, 900 MHz wireless transmitters & receiver


BEA’s 900 MHz compact transmitters and receiver allow wireless activation of any door control. FCC Part 15 certification ensures proper compliance with federal radio frequency regulations.

900 MHz wireless technology provides greater line-of-sight transmission distance than legacy wireless frequencies. It also provides better penetration of obstacles such as walls, partitions, doors or low-emissivity glass.

BEA’s 900 MHz series of wireless devices includes the touchless retrofit transmitter for easy upgrade of touch push plates to touchless solutions, which typically require additional wires to be run for installation.


Compact, low profile design

A combination of compact 900 MHz transmitters and receiver for optimal installation convenience

Extended hold functionality

Extended hold and toggle/pulse functionality is integrated for various application needs

Visual indicators

Multi-color LEDs on receiver provide installer with visual notification of signal strength and activation status

Learn modes

Delay and no-delay learn modes provide either instant or delayed activation for sequencing doors

Table of specifications


908 – 918 MHz (frequency hopping)


Emitted Radio Power

−25 dBm (TX)


Power Consumption

40 mA
30 mA
30 mA
22 mA


Supply Voltage

12 – 24 VAC / VDC


Contact Rating

1.0 A @ 30 VDC
0.5 A @ 125 VAC
0.3 A @ 60 VDC


Temperature Range

14 °F – 131 °F (−10 °C – 55 °C)


Programmable Units Per Receiver




Receiver learn
Relay activation
Signal strength



2.5 in (W) x 0.75 in (H) x 2.0 in (D)
2.75 in (W) x 0.56 in (H) x 1.38 in (D)
1.75 in (W) x 0.3 in (H) x 1.0 in (D)
1.72 in (W) x 0.32 in (H) x 1.06 in (D)




  • rd900

    900 MHz receiver module

  • Universal-Transmitter

    900 MHz handheld 1-button Universal Transmitter

  • td900hh1

    900 MHz handheld 1-button transmitter

  • 10TD900HH2

    900 MHz handheld 2-button transmitter

  • td900hh3

    900 MHz handheld 3-button transmitter

  • td900hh4

    900 MHz handheld 4-button transmitter

  • 10TD900PB

    900 MHz push button transmitter

  • 900rt

    900 MHz retrofit transmitter

  • 900mhz-retrofit
    900 MHz Touchless Retrofit Transmitter

    BEA’s 900 MHz touchless retrofit transmitter allows for easy upgrade of touch push plates to BEA’s Magic Switch series of touchless solutions.

Frequently asked questions

How do I program for no delay?

Push and hold the “no delay” learn button for 2 seconds.  The red LED should illuminate on the receiver.  Next, press the transmitter (or push plate) 2 or 3 times.  The blue LED on the receiver should blink and the door should open.


How do I program for delay?

Turn the “delay” potentiometer full counter-clockwise.  Push and hold the “delay” Learn button for 2 seconds.  The red LED should illuminate on the receiver.  Next, press the transmitter (or push plate) 2 or 3 times.  The blue LED on the receiver should blink and the door should open.  Finally, adjust the “delay” potentiometer for desired delay.


The red LED is flickering on the receiver.

There is a push plate stuck, incorrect wiring (N.C.), or a faulty transmitter.  Remove batteries, one transmitter at a time, until the red LED stops blinking.  If all batteries are removed and the red LED is blinking there may be interference issues in that location.  You will need to install at a different frequency.


How do I erase all of the transmitters?

Push and hold both Learn buttons until blue LED illuminates.


How do I erase just one transmitter?

Push and hold both Learn buttons until the red LED starts blinking (~ 1 second), and then push the button twice within 10 seconds on the transmitter you want to erase.


What type of batteries are used in the hand-held transmitters?

3V CR2032


What is the difference between the STD and EH mode?

EH stands for Extended Hold. If the transmitter is pressed and held, the receiver will remain active until transmitter is released. The receiver countdown timer will start on release of transmitter.

STD stands for Standard. The transmitter acts as a momentary switch and, even if pressed and held, will begin the countdown timer immediately.


Can I use the receiver to release a Maglock or Electric Strike?

They are not intended for direct use; a BR3-X must be used to carry the electric load of the Maglock or Electric Strike.  The receiver can be used to trigger the BR3-X.


How many transmitters can be programed to a receiver?

433 MHz = max. 100 transmitters

900 MHz = max. 74 transmitters


What is the clear line of sight range?

433 MHz = ~150 feet

900 MHz = ~500 feet


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