Delayed Egress Maglock Kit

UL Listed All-in-One with Maglock, Sounder and Keyswitch


BEA’s Delayed Egress Maglock Kit is a user friendly security solution for outswinging perimeter doors. The system meets a variety of building, fire and life safety codes.

A 1200 lb., pressure-sensing maglock is coupled with a keyswitch and sounder to create an easy-to-install solution that controls and monitors door access.

The keyswitch can be positioned in a convenient location to create authorized personnel access points.

Note: Not intended for outdoor environments


Delayed egress

Built-in “sensor” detects when pressure is applied to outward swinging doors

Standards driven

UL 294 listed

LED lock verification

Built-in Security Condition Sensor (SCS) feature indicates that the door is closed and bonded via red/green LED door status panel

Additional options available

Kit includes keyswitch for reset/override and an external sounder

Table of specifications

Housing Dimensions

10.8125 in (W) × 2.875 in (H) × 2.125 in (D)


Armature Dimensions

7.4375 in (W) × 2.375 in (H) × 0.625 in (D)


Voltage / Tolerance

12 – 24 VDC; ±10%


Max. Power / Current Draw
Maglock & Sounder

0.61 A / 12 VDC
0.32 A / 24 VDC


Holding Force

Up to 1200 lb


Mortise Cylinder

1.125 in cylinder with straight cam required, NOT INCLUDED

Requires Part


Operating Temperature

14 ºF – 140 ºF


Norm Conformance

UL / CUR Listed FWAX
Special locking arrangements


Compliance Provisions

IBC, SBC, UBC, BOCA, or NBC of Canada

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    Delayed Egress Maglock Kit

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