Motion, presence and safety sensor for automatic industrial doors


BEA’s LZR-Widescan is a LASER-based, time-of- flight sensor used for motion, safety and presence detection in a variety of industrial door applications. This all-in-one solution offers the benefits of activation and safety, while reducing installation time.

This NEMA 4 rated sensor creates a volumetric detection area by generating seven angled LASER curtains. It has the ability to detect objects based on direction, speed, object size and height.

The LZR-Widescan detection field operates independent of ground conditions, allowing for superior functionality in harsh environments.


Easy setup

Precise activation zones allows for installers to walk the desired detection area


Promotes energy savings by reducing false detections / unnecessary door cycling, helping to regulate HVAC

Virtual Pull-Cord

Virtual pull-cord function can differentiate between pedestrian and vehicle traffic and can provide pulse-on-stop activation

Visible Spots

Two visible alignment spots indicating safety field location ensuring setup

Table of specifications


LASER scanner, Time-of-Flight measurement (7 LASER


Detection Mode

Motion and Presence


Max. Detection Field

Width: 1.2 x mounting height
Depth: 1.2 x mounting height
(adjustable depending on user settings)


Thickness of First Curtain

3⁄4 inch per 3 feet of mounting height


Typ. Mounting Height

6’6” – 19’6”


Typ. Minimum Object Size

6” @ 19’6” (in proportion to object distance)


Test Body Dimensions

27 1⁄2” × 11 3⁄4”× 7 3⁄4”


Min. Reflectivity Factor

> 2 % (of floor and object) (measured at max. 19’6” in safety


Emission Characteristics
Visible LASER

Wavelength 905 nm;
maximum output pulse power 75 W, Class 1
Wavelength 650 nm;
maximum output CW power 3 mW, Class 3R


Supply Voltage

12 – 24 VAC ±10%
12 – 30 VDC ±10% @ sensor terminal


Power Consumption

< 2.5 W (heating: off)
< 15 W (heating: eco or auto)


Response Time

Typ. 100 ms (max. 500 ms)



2 solid-state relays ( galvanic isolation, polarity free )
30 VDC (max. switching voltage) – 100 mA (max. switching
- in switching mode: NO/NC
- in frequency mode: pulsed signal (f= 100 Hz ±10%)
1 electro-mechanic relay (galvanic isolation, polarity free)
42 VAC (max. switching voltage) – 500 mA (max. switching



30 VDC (max. switching voltage)
low < 1 V       high > 10 V (voltage threshold)



2 tri-colored LEDs: Output status / Remote Control Response / Error Signals



7 3⁄4” (H) x 6” (W) x 4” (D) (approx.)


Material / Color

PC/ASA / Black


Rotation Angles on Bracket

45° to the right, 15° to the left (lockable)


Tilt Angles on Bracket

–10° – 5º


Degree of Protection

NEMA 4 / IP65


Temperature Range

−22 ºF – 140 ºF (−30 ºC – 60 ºC)



< 2 G


Cable Length

360 in (30 ft)


Norm Conformance

EN 61000-6-2, EN 61000-6-3, EN 60950-1, EN 60825-1, EN
ISO 13849-1 Pl “d”/ CAT2, EN 62061 SIL 2, EN 61496-1 ESPE
Type 2, EN 12978 , EN 50581

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    Motion, Presence and Safety Sensor for Industrial Doors

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