NEMA 4 rated, microwave touchless actuator


BEA’s NEMA 4 rated MS09 is a touchless activation device with an adjustable detection zone designed for harsh and industrial environments.

The surface mount MS09 utilizes microwave motion technology to ensure consistent and dependable activation. Conduit connectivity ensures a watertight installation in harsh environments and wash-down facilities.

The MS09 detects moving objects such as a hand, pallet jack or forklift and is ideal for applications requiring a touchless activation method including hospitals, pharmacies, clean rooms and food services.


Weather resistant housing

NEMA 4 / IP65 enclosure capable of use in industrial and extreme environments, as well as wash down facilities

Adjustable detection zone

User defined detection zone from 4 to 24 inches (pulse or toggle)

In door and outdoor use

Can be used in a variety of outdoor and off-door applications

Table of specifications

Radiated Frequency
Radiated Power Density

Microwave Doppler Radar
24.125 GHz
< 5 mW / cm2


Detection Mode

Motion (bidirectional)


Detection Range

4 – 24 inches (adjustable)


Max. Contact Voltage
Max. Contact Current
Max. Switching Power

Relay with switch-over contact (free of potential)
60 VDC / 125 VAC
1 A (resistive)
30 W (DC) / 60 VA (AC)


Output Hold Time

0.5 s (in pulse mode)


Supply Voltage

12 – 24 VAC ±10%
12 – 24 VDC 30% / −10%


Power Consumption

< 1.2 W


Material / Colors

ABS / PC, White


Cable Type

Compatible with standard, 4-conductor low voltage cable
(cable not supplied)


Temperature Range

−4 ºF – 131 ºF (−20 ºC – 55ºC)


Degree of Protection

NEMA 4 / IP65


Norm Conformance

EMC: 2004/108/EC
IC: 4680A-MS08/4680A-10TD900PB



3.15 in (W) × 3.23 in (H) × 2.165 in (D)

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    NEMA 4 rated, microwave touchless actuator, text and logo

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    NEMA 4 rated, microwave touchless actuator, logo only

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