People counting

People Counting Solutions

BEA’s People Counting Sensors are innovative solutions designed to provide added and advanced benefit to stores looking to better understand their customer base. These sensors effectively count pedestrians as they enter a store, distinguishing between people regardless of their proximity to another or if they are pushing a cart or stroller.


Accurately Detect and Count Pedestrians Entering Retail Stores

Pedestrians entering a store can be counted via a sensor that utilizes infrared technology to provide both motion and presence detection. This solution can detect and properly identify a person, regardless of their proximity to another person or if they are pushing a cart or stroller. The sensors can be paired with analytical software to better understand retail traffic.

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Raw Data, Laser-Based Detection for Advanced Data Collection

Our laser-based measurement devices utilize sensing technology to accurately measure distances on up to four planes. These flexible sensors can be mounted to scan in any direction. The sensors can collect raw data and, when coupled with an analytical program, are able to provide advanced metrics related to pedestrian shopping habits.

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Motion-based People Counting for Accurate and Instant Metrics

Motion sensors used for people counting are compact, flexible and highly accurate. These sensors can be placed in a doorway, in an aisle or near a register to provide analytics such as the number of people in a store, which aisle has the most traffic or how many people are currently waiting in a checkout line. This information helps store managers better manage a store’s setup and resources.

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