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BEA offers weekly online Webinars on specific BEA products. Sign up to participate in a scheduled training or contact us to schedule a private Webinar for your team.

BEA Inc. is pleased to introduce its “Tech Time to Learn” seminars as a way to educate and train our field technicians on our newest and most commonly used products. We understand your time is valuable so we are offering quick and easy training sessions at various times throughout the day.

Training Line Up

The LZR-FLATSCAN SW is BEA’s newest and most advanced sensor for swing door safety. This cutting-edge product utilizes LASER technology to create an extremely accurate and reliable swing door sensor. Background independence, leading edge safety and ease of installation highlight a few of the LZR-FLATSCAN SW’s many benefits. This training will focus on a general overview of the product.


BEA’s LZR-WIDESCAN is a LASER-based, time-of- flight sensor used for motion, safety and presence detection in a variety of industrial door applications. This training will cover product features and benefits.


BEA’s MS11 is an aesthetically pleasing, touchless activation device designed to reduce the spread of germs and improve accessibility in healthcare, retail, industrial and commercial settings. The MS11 has been purpose-built to withstand the extreme rigors of fast-paced and sanitary environments.

Doppler Radar - FALCON & SPARROW

Radar technology, also called microwave technology, is based on the Doppler Effect: the radar sensor continuously emits microwaves with a certain frequency in a defined area. In this webinar, we will cover the BEA FALCON and SPARROW sensors, which utilize this technology.

Doppler Radar
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