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Product Webinars

BEA offers weekly online Webinars on specific BEA products. Sign up to participate in a scheduled training or contact us to schedule a private Webinar for your team.

BEA Inc. is pleased to introduce its “Tech Time to Learn” seminars as a way to educate and train our field technicians on our newest and most commonly used products. We understand your time is valuable so we are offering quick and easy training sessions at various times throughout the day.

Training Line Up

BEA’s IS40P is ideal for automatic industrial doors, vehicle gates/barriers, vehicle detection, loading docks or any other industrial application where presence detection is required.

Restroom Kit & the Br3-X

BEA’s Restroom Kit is designed for both normally locked and normally unlocked single occupancy restrooms. The kit’s control center is the Br3-X, a programmable 3-relay advanced logic module featuring restroom control functionality.

Slide-Swing Basic Troubleshooting

This webinar will cover basic knowledge of switches, relay terms and logic, fail-safe/secure, passive/active relay logic and basic mechanical & electrical flow chart troubleshooting checks.

LZR-microscan Troubleshooting

BEA continues its weekly training schedule with a troubleshooting session on the new LZR-microscan, a next generation sensor system for swing door safety.

Join us to learn more about the most advanced, yet easy to install, swing door safety system available.

Safety on Low Energy Doors

This week’s Webinar will focus on adding safety/secondary reactivation sensors to Low Energy doors. While not an ANSI requirement, sensors enhance overall safety and reduce liability on Low Energy doors. BEA technicians will review the sensors necessary and why these sensors are important.

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